Welcome to the Garden Guide.

Your personalised plant reference and garden management portfolio for gardening professionals and hobby gardeners.​

This includes a feeding program, with detailed information regarding the type of fertiliser and the timing of application.


A yearly pruning planner which ensures your shrubs and perennials look their best all year round. A garden calendar for easy reference, A basic garden plan and any extra information that may be relevant to your garden.


This guide is designed to be expanded upon as your garden evolves and grows. Plants can be added and removed, amendments to the layout and conditions documented maintaining the quality and health of your garden.


Each guide is made bespoke for your garden.

The first step is a visit your garden, where i will detail all plants, aspect, soil type and any other specific information before starting work on your garden guide.

You will then receive a full garden guide specific to your plot, which will help you, or your gardener keep your garden looking its best all year round!

Each garden guide comes in a beautifully hand crafted leather folder which can be expanded upon as your garden grows.

If you would like more information or to arrange a visit. Please contact me on 07950199620 or use the contact form.